The origin story 

‘Julie Tran Stories’ is a place to feel at home. Founder and journalist Julie Tran wanted to create a multi-media platform where diversity is celebrated, not ignored.

It is a community where people can share and embrace positive stories about their experiences and achievements. 

We want to connect and speak directly to people from all corners of the globe — and we hope these stories will inspire you, empower you, and remind you to be proud to be you! 

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Julie Tran Stories


about julie tran 

Julie Tran has worked as a reporter and producer at some of Australia’s leading television networks for the past decade. She’s travelled extensively across the globe, from covering the nuclear crisis in Japan to visiting orphanages in Vietnam. 

Julie has always been passionate about telling culturally diverse stories, and after noticing a gap in the market, she decided to leave her job behind to focus on creating a multi-media platform aimed at delivering high quality stories. 

In 2017, ‘Julie Tran Stories’ was born. The philosophy behind the company is to elevate a community into achieving all that they can be through uplifting content. 


Julie Tran