Meet ASOS Debbie

Meet ASOS Debbie

Thu, 06/08/2017 - 13:46
Meet ASOS Debbie

Following in the footsteps of @DKNYPRGirl and @OscarPRGirl, Debbie Shasanya is taking fashion brand ‘ASOS’ into the social media stratosphere.  

London-born Shasanya runs the Instagram account @asos_debbie and her legion of fans, in their thousands, hang onto every fashionable post.  

“It’s like a fashion show every day, anything kind of goes. At the beginning, I think I did used to stress about it, but then I thought, ‘It’s just clothes’”.  

“I think people may think I’m dressing up, especially for Instagram, but my style is actually just dressy. I’ve been working in retail for a very long time, and I’ve spent six years now at ASOS. I’ve amassed a very large wardrobe – and I like to rotate my clothes!”  

Credit: Instagram/@asos_debbie
Instagram: @asos_debbie

The stylish road to the drool-worthy fashion closets of ASOS was not a straight forward one for Debbie.  

She worked in the police force as a Communications Officer for two years before trading in her blue and white uniform.   

“I started to feel less and less creative and inspired, and as much as it was well paid, it wasn’t feeding me creatively. I just knew it wasn’t the career for me.”  

It was voluntary work at the fashion giant ASOS that the tides began to turn.  

“It was an unpaid internship at ASOS, and I was also older than the average intern – I was 27-years-old. It was coming up to a year, and I was getting so fed up, so I cried out for God – literally, tears running down my face – because I’d applied for so many jobs, not just ASOS but retail, and I didn’t know what to do.”  

“The next day, ASOS called me. They said they had created this role and they wanted me to fill it. The role had been there already, but nobody was really doing it – people would just kind of chip in when they can. And the fact that they thought of me was a really big thing for me. It really cemented my faith in God even more.”  

Debbie Shasanya landed her dream job at ASOS
Instagram: @asos_debbie 

Faith, is a running theme, in the magazine coordinator’s life. Her popular blog, “Me My Faith and Fashion” combines her deepest passions. 

“It’s very different to ASOS Debbie. But I don’t want to make it a platform for business. Money is not the main goal. I just want to be able to share what Debbie is about, and that is fashion and faith. I think that keeps it authentic.” 

“Even if you don’t identify with a faith or religion, people have beliefs. But within that, I found there wasn’t a platform for women who believe in Jesus Christ who like fashion as well.”  

Much like fashion, Debbie believes that religion can also unleash a creativity in expressing who you are.  

“My understanding is that God is a creative god. He is a Creator, and fashion is a creative industry. It’s weird that people don’t put it together.” 

For the ever enthusiastic Shasanya, it is never too late to follow your ambitions, even if it takes a little blind faith.   

“I’m hoping to grow not just a following, but reach a community of girls who are into faith and fashion, who don’t usually have anywhere to turn to. Instagram’s global: you can collaborate and really reach different people. Beyond faith and fashion, I want to have people collaborate, and talk about social issues or personal issues as well.”  

“As much as I love ASOS – and it really is the dream job – I know that there’s always more out there. Only God knows where I want to go.” 

You can follow Debbie on Instagram.