Beauty products explained

Beauty products explained

Thu, 11/16/2017 - 11:00
Beauty products explained

No one ever sits down to tell you exactly how to wear makeup.

From my personal experience, it has been a few random encounters with ‘sale assistants’ at cosmetic counters – some good, some bad and some totally indifferent.

As a kid, I was a complete tomboy, but as I grew up I began to see makeup not just in simple terms (lipstick, foundation or eye shadow) but something I could do creatively.

Art, and drawing always came naturally to me so cosmetics became a ‘fun’ thing I could do in between my serious goals to become a journalist.

Travelling on the road as a reporter, I had to learn fast that a professional makeup artist was not going to be trailing me around, helping me.

I needed to know quickly which makeup was going to be long lasting, how to make me look more awake even though it had been seven hours into a shoot, and what looks good on camera.

It dawned on me how little information there is on the basics of makeup. If I wanted to change a tyre or invest in property, the information was at my fingertips or a book store.

But what about the simple basis of makeup?

Questions like what is a primer? Highlighter? Brow Gel? What are its benefits? How can I tell between a good one vs. a bad one? Explain how I use it?

I’m going to use my skills as a journalist, and passion for helping people feel empowered to teach you about navigating the cosmetic world from scratch.

Think about it… we wear makeup to the school formal, our first job interview, major life events and in the dating scene where we could potentially meet our life partners.

Isn’t it time we learned the skills and information to not be afraid of makeup but for cosmetics to better our confidence?

This step-by-step guide, with the help of working makeup artists, is a simple guide to cosmetics – how to apply, use the tools in front of you, and problem shoot common makeup problems.

I can’t wait to see the knowledge, tips and tricks you accumulate. My goal is to simplify beauty, so it’s no intimidating but empowering.

Julie x