On that note...

On that note...

Wed, 11/22/2017 - 08:16
On that note...

It gives me complete satisfaction in educating others – in a fun, entertaining way.

Given the fact that I’ll be a mum to two amazing girls soon, makes me realise how important it is to give all females the best foot forward in life.

Knowing and demystifying the mystery behind makeup means women can feel more confident going into job interviews and big life events.

I’m passionate about spreading the word, and using my journalistic skills to better a community.

Ever since I was small, I’ve always felt that there was no real editorial content tailored to me – someone who was born in the West, with Asian heritage.

Now, there is still not much information in magazines and online, that deal with ethnic makeup or speak to people like me on what looks best for our skin.

I’m determined to listen to your questions, problems and concerns regarding beauty. Maybe you want your dead straight hair to curl longer or your lashes to POP or to find the perfect lipstick shade.

That’s why I’ve enlisted the best makeup experts, hand selected no less, to answer your questions… and I’ll chime in too.

I want to create a line of cosmetics that you are looking for, tailored to your specific needs.

Easy to use, classic products with a modern twist!

I’d love to hear all about your makeup transformation at…

@julietranstories (Facebook)

@julietran.stories (Instagram)

julietranstories.com (Website)